The 35 has a overall length of 10.7 meters with a 3.8 beam . It has a extremely good ride into a sea and in a following sea. It can be easily launched off a slipway with a large 4×4.

The standard Gecat 35″ has a port and starboard curved screen and a centre screen with a hatch. The Gecat 35″ comes standard with an electric toilet and fresh water hand basin.

There are various moulds available for different seating arrangements.

Gunwale combing has 2x anchor hatches. Behind this is a seat/storage hatch that is incorporated in the gunwale combing. The gunwale combing has 4 cubby holes with moulded covers on the inner skirt of the combing. The stern section of the gunwale combing has moulded engine wells with a live bait well and hydraulics ram inspection hatch. Batteries are situated in the gunwale combings.

In sponson hatches with flush lids are available there are three different workstation layouts available for customization. Moulded inserts for gaffs and rods on the inner skirting of the Gunwale combing “optional” marlin/dive gate on port or starboard side. All finishes are neat to upmarket.


  • Length 10.7 meters
  • Beam 3.8 meters
  • 2 x 200Hp Min ~ 2 x 350Hp Max